Silent Bathroom Fan

Schweigen, the makers of New Zealand’s first silent kitchen rangehoods, now offer a range of powerful bathroom extraction fans featuring the same silent technology. The BR500 range removes steam and odours in seconds, preventing condensation and protecting your bathroom investment. And with a range of modern vent styles, Schweigen will compliment any bathroom design.


Schweigen Bathroom Fan - Mounting Options & Two-Room Extraction

Schweigen provides the most powerful extraction fans in the market. So powerful, the German-made IsoDrive motor for the BR500 is capable of two room extraction. By simply adding a Y-connector and a second vent, the BR500 will efficiently vent a bathroom as well as an adjacent toilet or laundry room…with a single motor. 


Choosing the Right One

Choosing the right Schweigen Silent Rangehood for your kitchen can often be a tiresome task.
At Schweigen we understand this dilemma and have made it as easy as possible to choose the perfect Rangehood for your kitchen.