Selecting your bathroom Fan

The Schweigen Quiet Bathroom Fan range removes steam and odours in seconds, preventing condensation and protecting your bathroom investment.
With a wide range on vent options and formats, this page is designed to help you choose the right system for your home.

Step 1 Choosing the right fan to suit your bathroom

Schweigen Quiet Bathroom systems come in four vent designs that add different looks in your ceiling. Choose the vent design that suits your home. 

The Haven vent retrofits into an existing ceiling. It comes with a New Zealand-made square metal ceiling vent.

The Repose is designed for new builds and is plastered into the ceiling offering a seamless finish.

The Enlight retrofits into an existing ceiling with an added feature of an LED light.

The Classic is the base model and retrofits into an existing ceiling.

Step 2 Choose the right system to suit your bathroom

Schweigen Quiet Bathroom systems come in both a single room and double room format. Choose what format will suit your extraction needs.

Step 3 Choose the right IsoDrive Motor

When the overhead cabinetry is constructed and installed deeper than standard, ensure the rangehood is installed as close to the front as possible. This will increase the rangehood extraction results as there is a greater coverage of the cooktop surface area.

S1 - Minimal Condensation 650m3/hr
For extracting one medium bathroom or two small rooms
ST - Light Condensation 900 m3/hr
For extracting a large bathoom and a second room

Step 4 Choosing where the IsoDrive Motor will be mounted

Depending on the size of the motor chosen, the IsoDrive motors can be mounted on roofs, walls and eaves.
Please check the motor installation guides for more information.