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1. Why Buy a Schweigen Quiet Rangehood
2. How quite is a Schweigen Quiet Rangehood?
3. How to pick the perfect motor option for my Quiet rangehood?
4. Why consider a Schweigen Quiet Ceiling Cassette Rangehood?
5. Why consider a Schweigen Quiet Wallmount rangehood?
6. What's in the box of Australia's best-selling Quiet Rangehood?
7. What's in the box of my UM1170 6S Quiet Rangehood?
8. What are some entry level Quiet Rangehoods to consider?
9. What's the difference between baffles and mesh filters?
10. How to achieve silent air extraction at home
11. Can a Schweigen Quiet Rangehood be installed in my house?


Please Click Here see a list of Schweigen Retailers.

The maximum length on a Schweigen range hood can be run within the manufacturer’s specifications is 5 metres, I can supply an installation manual for Schweigen motors if required.

Please Click Here a list of our recommended installers in the link below. 

External Motor (Isodrive® silent system). Schweigen rangehoods are revolutionary because the fan and motor are not situated inside the canopy, but rather positioned outside your home. This ensures silent extraction inside your kitchen with the power of a German motor that can handle any cooking needs.

The external motor unit removes the fan noise from the kitchen and transfers it to outside of the home. This allows the use of more powerful motors providing Schweigen rangehoods with unrestricted airflow technology that caters for a healthier environment for the entire family.

Installed correctly and used at the lower speeds, Schweigen silent rangehoods cannot be heard over the ambient noise within the kitchen. At higher speeds, airflow noise may be heard, depending on the distance of the motor from the rangehood and the type of filters selected. No motor inside the canopy. Fan motor located outside on the roof.

Yes. If you are confident in your expertise and wish to install the rangehood yourself, you may do so — granted you first check with your local council for building regulations and follow the instructions in the rangehood and motor guides. Proper installation will not void the warranty. However, we do recommend you use a Schweigen Recommended Installer to ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

In most cases, Schweigen Silent Rangehoods incur the same cost as the installation of any standard rangehood. Please contact your nearest Schweigen Recommended  Installer for a quote . Click Here for a list of the Installers.

We have designed 5 different types of motor assemblies to cater to all cooking needs and extraction. To maximise the performance of your rangehood, you need to select a motor that suits the cooking ingredients and technique you use the most. Spicy, oily or smoky dishes, for example, will need a more powerful motor model to keep your kitchen fresh and odour free.

The guide below will help you choose the right motor.

S1 650m3/h – Everyday Steaming /Light Pan Frying.

ST 900m3/h – Everyday Steaming /Pan Frying / Grilling.

SP 1600m3/h – Heavy Steaming / Spicy Wok Frying / Grilling.

SP2 3000m3/h – All Cooking Styles (Cassette / Al Fresco Canopies) with extra distance requirements.

SE 3200m3/h – All Cooking Styles (Cassette / Al Fresco Canopies) with extra distance requirements.


S1 650 m3/h – Single 150 mm 4 m • • • Wall, Island, Undermount.

ST 900 m3/h – Single 200 mm 4 m • • – Wall, Island, Undermount.

SP 1600 m3/h – Single 200 mm 6 m • • – Wall, Island, Undermount*.

SP2 3000 m3/h – Twin 200 mm 6 m • • – Cassette / Outdoor BBQ

SE 3200 m3/h – Single 250 mm 4 m • • – Cassette / Outdoor BBQ

*Exception: UM-12UMS Undermount (1200 mm) requires an SP motor power.

You can find the rangehood installation guide in the rangehood box and the motor installation guide in the motor box. Both these guides can also be found on our website under “Support”.

The Isodrive® motors are fitted with a clever water intrusion system; rain is prevented from entering the home as this patented technology effectively directs rain and water away from the housing and down the roof. Our motors have an IPX4 waterproof rating and are approved for use outside. Please see the Isodrive® Manual for more information.

The Isodrive® motors can be mounted on the roof, on an external wall or under an eave depending on the suitability of your home’s design.

Model Number – Airflow Optimal Distance Maximum Distance.

S1 650 m3/h – 3 to 4 metres 6 metres.

ST 900 m3/h – 4 to 5 metres 15 metres.

SP 1600 m3/h – 5 to 6 metres 15 metres.

SP2 3000 m3/h – 4 to 6 metres 15 metres.

SE 3200 m3/h – 4 to 5 metres 15 metres.

It is possible to mount the motor at distances less than the optimal distance and greater than the maximum distance; however, this may either increase the noise and/or reduce the air extraction. To ensure optimal performance keep the number of bends in the flexi- duct to a minimum. The ducting must not be crushed, restricted or kinked, and must be pulled taut.

No. To connect Schweigen Silent Rangehoods only one normal GPO is required. The motor connects to the rangehood where there is a main power lead which connects to the general power outlet. The power outlet should be accessible for future maintenance.

For twin motor configurations, the two motors must be hard wired. Check with local council regulations prior to install.

The power lead from the Isodrive® motor must go inside the PVC pipe, but outside the Flexi-Duct. See rangehood and motor installation guides for more details.

The reducer is mainly used for the Isodrive® 650 motors and goes on the 200mm rangehood outlet.

A back-draught stopper/fin connects to the motor and is meant to help prevent outside air from entering the Isodrive® motor system when not in use. The system assists in reducing household energy cost all year round as it helps limit the amount of cold air entering and warm air escaping your home in winter. During summer the reverse is true; cold air is prevented from escaping up the ducting pipe just as warm air is prevented from entering the home. The Isodrive® 1600 and BR500 motors both come standard with the back-draught stopper. For Isodrive® 3200 motor, a 250mm back-draught stopper and weather shield are available as an accessory. To purchase, please Customer Service on 0800 200 150.

Yes. Most councils in Australia recommend that all ducted rangehoods be vented outside. Check with your local council to make sure.

When you purchase a Schweigen Silent Rangehood you will receive several boxes depending on the motor system of your rangehood – one (1) box for the rangehood and flue, and other boxes for the motor and equipment. In the boxes, you will receive:

• Isodrive® 650m3/hr motor (3.5 metre 10amp cable, and standard 2 pin male plug)

• Fire resistant 110mm OD PVC Riser Pipe (cable cut-out in the bottom end only)

• 150mm diameter Flexi-Duct (4m)

• Adaptor ring (150mm duct to 110mm Riser)

• Rangehood adaptor ring (200mm to 150mm; this comes with the rangehood)

Optional twin 650 kit:

• Y-Joint (150 x 150 x 200mm).

• Flexi-Duct (200mm x 3m) Rangehoods with ST. 900 motor.

• Isodrive® 900m3/hr motor (3.5 metre 10amp cable, and standard 2 pin male plug).

• Fire resistant 160mm OD PVC Riser Pipe (cable cut-outs in each end).

• 200mm diameter Flexi-Duct (6m).

• Adaptor ring (200mm duct to 160mm Riser) Rangehoods with SP. 1600 motor.

• Isodrive® 1600m3/hr motor (3.5 metre 10amp cable, and standard 3 pin male plug).

• Fire resistant 160mm OD PVC Riser Pipe (cable cut-outs in each end).

• 200mm diameter Flexi-Duct (6m).

• Adaptor ring (200mm duct to 160mm Riser).

• Weather Guard.

• Back-Draught Shutter Note: Wall mounting SP-1600 requires a wall bracket not included in the box. Please order separately.

Optional 1600 Kit:

• Y-Branch (200 x 200 x 200mm).

• 2 x Flexi-Duct (200mm x 3m approx.) Rangehoods with SP2. 3000 motor.

• 2 x Isodrive® 1600m3/hr motor (see SP-1600 list above for details) Rangehoods with SE. 3200 motor.

• Isodrive® 3200m3/hr motor (3.5 metre 10amp cable, and standard 3 pin male plug).

• Fire resistant 250mm OD PVC Riser Pipe (cable cut-outs in each end).

• 250mm diameter Flexi-Duct (4m).

• Rangehood Reducer (250mm to 200mm).

• 200mm diameter Flexi-Duct (1.5m).

Optional 3200 Kit:

• Y-Joint (200 x 200 x 250mm).

• Flexi-Duct (200mm x 3m approx.).

Although we aim to provide you with all the standard equipment you will require for your silent rangehood installation, there are some parts you may need to purchase externally as they are unique to every installation. Below are some common parts you may need:

• Dektite – Roof Seal Kit • Mounting flange (Isodrive® 1600).

• Bracing for the motor • Back-draught stopper (Isodrive® 650, 900, 3200).

• Ducting fixing straps • Up-stand (for flat roofs).

• Wall plate (Isodrive® 900,1600) • Wall hanging bracket (Isodrive® 1600).

• Wall mounting kit (Isodrive® 3200) • Weather shield for the motor (Isodrive® 3200).

It is a requirement to use a hanging bracket for a wall mount installation for the Isodrive® 1600. All Isodrive® motors can be wall mounted. Please refer to the manual for more information. Please note the hanging bracket is not included and needs to be purchased by contacting the Schweigen Service Department on 0800 200 510.

10-Year Warranty on the motor and 3-year warranty on the canopy. At Schweigen, we are confident enough to offer you the peace of mind of a 10-Year Warranty on the German-made motor (on all silent rangehoods equipped with the Isodrive® motor system). We also offer a 3-Year Warranty on the canopy, so you can rest assured your system will stand the test of time when you choose Schweigen.

“S” bends help reduce air movement noise.

The soft surface of Flexi-Ducting softens the noise and as a result, is quieter than any other type of ducting. Our Flexi-Duct is also fire rated where others may not be.

The use of any other ducting types apart from Flexi-Ducting will increase the noise and void the Schweigen silent system status.

Yes. Our Flexi-Ducts are tested and comply with Australian Standards 4254, UL181 and is also rated 4-Zero as per AS1530 (1999).

Mesh filters, when compared to baffle filters, have increased airflow and keep noise to a minimum. Baffle filters have a commercial look and are good for longevity.

The filters are very easy to clean and can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Washing by hand — Immerse the filter in hot water and a suitable detergent; when clean, rinse with plenty of hot water. Dry the filters with a cloth after washing, avoid leaving them to dry out by themselves. Dishwasher — Put the filter in the dishwasher and select a short program at low moderate temperature. (For baffle stainless steel filters, you can use a higher temperature setting for a more thorough clean.) Do not leave filters in the dishwasher after washing to prevent rust.

Please note: Stainless steel filters lose shine after a few cleaning processes, this is normal. Filters should be cleaned every 3-6 weeks or after 40 hours of use. For induction cooktop, please aim to clean them at least every 10 days, depending on use.

LED (light emitting diode) lighting is very energy efficient. These lights generate very little heat which means almost all the energy they consume is turned into light. They also last a long time (about 50 times longer than your average incandescent bulb).

Cooking with induction or similar cooktop may produce condensation on the rangehood. Unlike basic electric or gas cooking, induction cooktops heat food and liquid instantly, which in turn, produces vapours rapidly. Because of this faster process, the rangehood filters do not have enough time to warm, which increases the chance of condensation forming. There are many variables that may contribute to condensation forming, some of which include but are not limited to:

• Variance in climate – geographical location.

• Position of your home & kitchen – morning/afternoon sun.

• Distance from cooktop to the rangehood.

• Speed of food & liquid heating.

• Angle of ducting – Schweigen ‘S’ bend preferred.

• Filter size – larger canopy preferred.

• Quality of pots or cookware you are using – high quality recommended  How to reduce the possibility of condensation forming:

• Ensure the rangehood is installed by a qualified professional, carefully following the installation guide.

• Turn on the rangehood 5-10 minutes prior to cooking, and leave on for 5-10 minutes after cooking; this helps clear remaining vapours from the flue.

• Start the cooking process at a low-to-medium setting and allow time for the rangehood to become warm.

• Clean filters regularly.

• Ensure constant airflow in the cooking zone; this helps optimise the rate of extraction.

• Follow all induction cooktop manufacturer advice. For further advice, tips or information regarding cooking with induction, please contact the induction cooktop manufacturer.

The minimum safety installation distance between the top of a cooktop and the lowest part of the rangehood are as follows: Note: Some rangehoods minimum installation heights may vary, please refer to the individual manual for more information.

• Minimum installation height for Electric Cooktops is 600mm.

• Minimum installation height for Gas Cooktops is 650mm.

• For rangehoods 90cm wide or larger, distances above 800mm can compromise the extraction performance.

• For 60cm wide rangehoods, distances above 750mm can compromise the extraction performance.

• Suggested height above an Induction Cooktop is 720mm to 800mm.

• Minimum installation height for a BBQ rangehood is 1200mm above the cooking surface. For fully enclosed outdoor kitchen areas, exceptions do apply. Please contact your nearest council.

There is no real maximum for ceiling heights from the cooktop for ceiling rangehoods, however, keep in mind that heights above 1.2 to 1.5/1.6 metres will make the rangehood less efficient/effective. The minimum height a ceiling rangehood must be fitted from the cooktop is 1.2m.

Yes. It is possible to install a Schweigen silent rangehood with the motor directly behind it. However, please note that, although this will still be a very powerful and efficient system, it will no longer be a silent system as the motor is no longer installed at our minimum recommended distance. Refer to the website for installation examples.

Yes. It is possible to install a Schweigen silent rangehood in a double storey house. The Isodrive® motor can be mounted on an external wall or under an eave, depending on the suitability of your home’s design. The Isodrive® 1600, however, is a large motor and is not designed for eave installation. Isodrive® 1600 is recommended for ducting requirements of 6m or more. Please contact the Schweigen Service Department on 0800 200 510 for more information. You may also visit this link for installation examples here